Thursday, 30 June 2016

improve your immunity by Trying Ayurveda

 immunity are  in 3 types
  1. Sahaja: Congenital or Natural immunity which is inherited from parents
  2. Kalaja: Time, Season, Age-related immunity
  3. Yuktikruta: Acquired immunity

Yuktikruta Bala means acquired immunity. Here, herbs, medication, and home remedies are used to enhance the body’s immunity and defend it against various diseases.
Immunity can be acquired by the following ways:
  1. Rasayana chikitsa: This branch of Ayurveda helps in promoting immunity and rejuvenating the individual mentally and physically.
  2. Vyayama i.e. exercise. Exercise is a must daily and must be done up to 50% of one’s exertion capacity as it promotes immunity and also improves digestion.
  3. Satmya i.e.  suitability. In this method, substances that improve immunity are adapted in daily life and unwholesome substances are eliminated from the diet.